Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

The smile is one of the main factors why a face stand out.

Thanks to the advances in technology, it is possible to restore fractured or malformed teeth, mask stained teeth and even change the shape, or close the spaces between teeth.


The dental material used today is the same color and apperance of natural tooth color, a long step away from the old silver-mercury restorations.


The Implantology Surgical Technique is a replacement for one or more missing teeth with implants made of titanium, which are completely integrated into the jaw bones or mandibles.


Endodontics is a discipline of dentistry that performs a internal tooth cleaning, with the removal of the nerve inside the pulp chamber and root canals and disinfection of pathogens. Subsequently, the tooth is hermetically sealed with a solid material to avoid future complications and thus allows to keep the tooth in its place and maintain its function.

Teeth Whitening

In Avenida's Medical and Dental Center we offer tooth whitening systems locally in our pratice, in a 20 to 30 minutes treatments that will surprise you, or a system for home use which give results in 5-10 days.

Schedule an appointment and regain the confidence of your smile!


Periodontics is a discipline of dentistry that deals with periodontitis, a disease that progresses from gingivitis, which affects the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth, which is the leading cause of tooth loss.


These diseases often present no pain and may go unnoticed for a long time, so it is important to diagnose it early as possible. Schedule an appointment today!

Fixed Prosthodontics

Nowadays, thanks to the advances seen in the field of dentistry, cracked, broken or darkened teeth can be restored permanently, and even crooked and missing teeth can be restored.


Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry which aims to correct teeth and jaws alignment.

Oral Health (in portuguese)

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